Brand promotion on Facebook can give an immediate boost to your business. It provides the opportunity of connecting with a large number of people at once and promotes your brand, business, or product through campaigns.

Though, there is a whole world to connect with, finding the right audience on Facebook still is a struggle. You are spending money on campaigns to earn more than you invest, and thus interacting with the potential audience is important.

You need a specific group of people whom you can turn as your business leads. But you just can’t leave everything upon the mighty Gods! You need to work on your optimization skills and fetch the maximum benefit out of the Facebook campaign you are running.

Hence, you need to follow the basic “3 Ws and 1 H” approach i.e. “What are you getting?” “Why are you getting?” “When are you getting” and “How are you getting”. In other words, you need to be alert of every slightest movement and for this, you need to review the “Facebook Audience Insights tool”.

So, here we will be discussing the all possible ways to specify and improve your targeting using “Facebook Insight tool”:

Facebook Audience Insights – A Brief

Facebook Audience Insights as the name suggests, is a tool designed by Facebook to track the behavior of the audience and learn the stats of the targeted audience. Also, give the overall information about various aspects such as demographics, geography, purchase behavior, and more.

For instance, if you deal with kids’ clothing, you need to track the number of people who live near your shop and what interests them, where they usually purchase, and where they go shopping (online or offline) and more.

Audience insights tool of Facebook, help you to understand the behavioral characteristics of your targeted audience thus improving the outcome of your Facebook campaigns.

Facebook analytics tool offers accurate or anonymous pieces of information like:

  • Demographics: Education, lifestyle, relationship status, age, gender, job, or household size.
  • Page likes: The pages getting maximum likes in particular categories.
  • Location and language: Where do maximum people put up and what is their language?
  • Facebook usage: How often they visit Facebook and which device they use when they log-in.
  • Purchase activity: Past purchase behavior (what they mostly purchase) and methods of purchase (online or in-store).

Importance of Facebook Audience Insights in 2020

As we are now aware of the role of Facebook Audience Insights, we still need to figure out how they can benefit you personally. And, what importance they hold for growth of your business, and how it can maximize the conversion rate?

Facebook Insights improves your ability to specifies and reaches the precise set of audience. Using it, you can narrow the targeting shell on the basis of age and gender, location, and life events. Also, their prominent interests the behaviors. Basically, you get insights into the minds of your audiences.

It is very necessary to attain mastery of the Insights tool of Facebook to control the waste of money on the generic audience and get benefit out of every penny you invest.

The Facebook Audience Insights will be beneficial, even if you have found your audience that converts well because it will help you understand the other aspects related to the audience’s interest. Also, make you enhance the scale of your sale using Facebook campaigns.

How to Use Facebook Audience Insights in 2020

That was all about theory, now it’s time to do some practical stuff. Let’s make advantageous use of this tool.

Sign in to your Facebook account and then, go to the Facebook Ads Manager, this is the place where you will get a drop-down menu under the “Tools” option. Or you can directly go to:

After login into your account the interface will be look like:

Facebook Audience tool - solution nation

Choose your audience

The foremost step is to select the audience that you want to target.

Click on “create new” and then choose one option from the list:

  • Everyone on Facebook: Every user of Facebook is your audience
  • People who connected to your page are your audience.
Choose Audeince in FB Insight Tool - Solution Nation

Tip: Choosing the “everyone on Facebook” will give you a wide functional area on FB.

Determining the “Seed” Audience

The side-bar is basically meant to analyze your seed audience, based upon location, age, gender, and interests. The interest section should not be left blank if you want a thorough review. Make sure you add one or more interest in the prescribed field.

Talking about the “interest” field, it is suggested to avoid common terms such as fashion, sports, and traveling, rather one should use the most-specific terms like “fashion Editor or Street Fashion” instead using “fashion” that is a generic term.

Just type the common word and plenty of more specific options will appear as a drop-down menu.

Click on the “Advanced” option from the left menu and then make an even more specific search using parameters of Language, Relationship Status, Education, Work, Market segment, Parents, Politics, Life events, etc.

After making any changes to the audience section, you will instantly notice how the number of monthly active people fluctuate and also the age and gender chart updates.

Although, we can spend a lot of time analyzing demographics, location, activity, household, and purchase. I would like to go directly to the Page Likes tab—that’s where the real magic happens!

Check the Top Performing Categories & Pages

So, the next thing we will talk about is your “Page likes”, the option next to Demographics. This tab is meant to display the data about the Top categories which the audience finds attractive and thus engaging themselves the most in it.

The is a powerful weapon to navigate through the mindset of audiences. You will get a list of best-performing pages of top-categories so that you can alter your page accordingly.

The better you understand the preferences, the better results you can get. If you are thinking about how it can help? For instance, if there is a category of “Coupons” in the top-categories.

It gives you the idea that your next post can revolve around the topic “Coupon” or discount or something similar so that audience can find your page while searching for this (coupons) category; the engagement-power of your page will definitely increase.

Nevertheless, there is nothing fancier in it, we somehow need more relevancy to win this never-ending race. We need real-time data so that we can put effort into the right thing.

Well, Facebook is a player because of a reason; it’s the ability to read your minds, and thus it offers you an actual list of pages that are ranked by their relevance and affinity

Relevance and Affinity

These terms are part of the ‘Page likes” section but are not very self-explanatory. These interweaves terms often think to be the same by the users, but it isn’t the same; you need to know what’s the difference between both the terms. Let’s start with the definition that Facebook gives:

Relevance is defined as:

“The Pages that are the most likely to be relevant to your audiences based on affinity, Page size, and the number of people in your audience who already like that Page.”

Whilst “Affinity” is defined as:

“How expected your audience is to like a given page juxtapose to everyone on Facebook.”

So, “relevance” is a whole term that is determined by a number of factors such as affinity, page size, and foot-fall of your audience to that page.

What is Relevance and Affinity?

In simple words, affinity determines relevance but relevance is huge. Though there is a very thin line of difference, it is important to understand it completely.

If you are there to fetch likes, you must pay attention to this section. You need to thoroughly understand the data and then make further strategies. The more you get into the “affinity” the better you can understand the preferences of your audience, and tailor your pages to serve in a better way.

It is important to maintain the relevancy in the content you offer to the audience. Engagement is the key to attain the follows, likes, and leads.

If you are taking affinity lightly and your focus is towards relevance, you may never get the desired rank of the business page on Facebook.

Well, Relevance and affinity go hand-in-hand, thus a combined use of both can help you achieve your business goals with the least efforts. Better to keep an eye on both the factor by performing regular analyses.

It can give you better organic results, so before investing your hard-earned money in the paid campaign, try to boost the organic results with the simple tricks using affinity and relevance as grounds.

Never miss saving the Most Relevant Pages

Now here you need all your attentiveness; you need to sort the list of Top categories and Page likes using the parameters of relevance and affinity. Keep the page with the highest affinity at the top and then make a list in descending order.

After creating the list, you need to save them somewhere else. Keep the stats of specific interests, magazines, websites, brands, community pages, organizations, famous people that can be used to determine the targeted audience.

Make sure you maintain the list with new entries because the page you get once may not be on the list for the next time. So, this is all about your analytical-skills and strategy. FYI, FB marketing needs a keen eye to get some good results.

Set and Test the New Audiences

Your research and development efforts will definitely pay you back. This will help you reach more potential as well as a relevant audience.

You can modify your approach and cater better to the relevant audience. But this is not a one-time play, consistency is the key to attain the desired results.

Once you are all set with categorizing audiences into different sets, you now need to check which set can give the maximum outcome. So, make different ads for a different set of audience and ultimately, you will get to know the performance of the ads.


The Facebook Audience Insights tool is a gem that can you a strong edge. It is efficient more than we can think. Providing you the interest that you never thought of, Insights prove to be handy tool for advertisers

If you want a significant boost in your business through Facebook, “Insights” is what you need. Know the most relevant audience and convert them into your customers.