We all have a writer inside us, but the thing that often pulls us back is the research part. It is true that research takes more than that actually writing the content. Well, writing about trending topics is always a perfect way to gain traffic to your blog post, but not all of us are aware of the platforms where trending, latest or famous topics can be found. So, here we are offering the best platforms to find the latest and trending topics to curate a new blog post and fetch the maximum number of eyes. 

Top 9 Research Sites to Find the Trending Blog Topics


Feedly - best site to find blog ideas

Searching the trending topic is a cake-walk with Feedly. You get a list of all the best-performing blogs in the niche you are looking for. Just one-click and the research is done. It is the most simple yet efficient way to find some of the already published content by top publications and writers. You can get a detailed idea of the topic and design your own blog using the references. It is quite easy to start with Feedly, all you need is to subscribe to the feed and you will be catered with all the latest content on your dashboard. Both free and premium versions are available for this unique tool.


Medium - best site to find blog ideas

There is hardly a writer in this world, who hasn’t heard of Medium yet. It is popular for all the right reasons because it is an apt place to find several pieces of writing on the most trending topics. All great writers can be found here and hence a perfect place to get an idea of an outline for your own blog. There is an option to search the content category-wise, thus it is perfect for beginners. To start with it, just create your account from the official website, and if required you can download the mobile app or use it directly from your browser. Moreover, you can follow the great writers and check all the latest stories, or simply browse the “Popular on medium” section.


Quora- best site to find blog ideas

Quora is my personal favorite. It is an open-platform to find and share content. You can connect yourself with the entire community; search and being searched. There is always a thread or question for the latest topics and every topic has plenty of answers from the experts of the field. You can follow the topic of your interest and get the latest updates regularly. Your quora news feed will be laced with all the “top stories” that will interest you. To dig deep, you can explore the “new questions” field and check what people have posted lately. With Quora, you will definitely succeed to find an inspiration for your new blog post.

Google Trends

Google Trends - best site to find blog ideas

If you are a person who likes a straightforward approach to R&D, Google Trends” is your cup of tea. Just open the official link and enter your topic of search in the promoted field, that’s it! You will be redirected to a plethora of trending news, articles, and blogs related to the topics. You get plenty of search-options for trending topics, such as web, images, videos as well as Google shopping. Similarly, you can make use of “category” and “location” to find out what’s trending.


BuzzSumo- best site to find blog ideas

In this era of social media, every news is widely shared on social media platforms. Such topics can be easily found on Buzzsumo, which is home to all topics that are trending on social media channels. Just provide the keyword or niche of the topics in the search field and then you will be provided with a huge number of related articles.


Reddit - best site to find blog ideas

Reddit may not be very popular but it is a fully-packed community where many famous and refined pieces can be found for every niche and category. You will definitely get the ideas to start a new blog post if you try to explore the things on Reddit. You can even create the subreddit for your topic and start conversations with the other members of the community.


Linkedin- best site to find blog ideas

Linkedin is the most professional platform out of all options mentioned here. You will have a variety of professional stories and best articles on all popular topics. The benefit of using this website to perform the research is, all content is curated by the team of qualified editors of Linkedin. You can also check the “What People are Talking About Now” section to get the best out of it.


Pocket- best site to find blog ideas

Pocket is another impeccable app that is perfect for the content curators. You can save your favorite content and then read them anytime and anywhere. The exclusive “Explore” tab is full of trending articles of different categories. Find all sorts of famous and well-researched content on Pocket. Other important tabs of this app are: “Recommended, “Trending”, and “Must Reads”.

Social Mention

Social mention - best site to find blog ideas

If you want to explore a certain niche, Social mention is a must-have platform for all. Just fill the field with the keywords for the topic and you will be offered with different formats for content such as Blogs, Microblogs, and Videos, etc. Even, you can look for the exact keyword phrase, and then you will get more precise results. Also, you can set time to pick the recent content such as last one day, 12 hours, or an hour.

Each site serves its own purpose and can be effective to find new trending topics for your next blog post. These sites is the perfect answer of “How to find best blog topics”. As these serves the best content on the web.