Facebook has grabbed the attention of the audiences in a remarkable amount. It has emerged as one of the highest downloadable applications in the market. Due to the overwhelming response that Facebook was getting, it has coined a free-standing application, Facebook messenger app

Top 5 Facebook Messenger App Tips You Hardly know 

1. Names Assigning Feature

It is always noted that nicknames are assigned to the persons very close to your heart. This is one of the best features of the Facebook messenger to remind your friends how important they are, by changing their traditional names to somewhat more funky and groovy.  Want to know how? Here you go! 

  • Open your FB messenger app.
  • Choose the conversation, you want to change the name of.
  • Press upon the name of your selected chat.
  • Click on nicknames.
  • Change the nickname as you wish. 

Now, you are all done with the nickname technique introduced by Facebook. Enjoy the changes in the nicknames!

2. Voice and Video chats

This famous Messenger app is not only built to send and receive messages but innovated to support voice and video chats too. Facebook video chat and voice call offers a superb quality of calling without any interruption between your and your pal’s emotional connections. This feature, along with chats over messages is a boon for the users. But, how to switch onto video chat and voice calls? See underneath steps

  • Open your messenger.
  • Choose the conversation, you want to have a video or voice chat with.
  • On the top right corner of the chat head, both video and voice calling options are enabled. 

So, what are you thinking of? Start your Facebook video chat and voice chat journey with your Facebook instant messenger app today

3. Money Transaction

Now, no more hither and thither over different apps to meet your requirements. Facebook has presented texts, calls, and now, money transaction features inside this tiny app. This is the key feature of this app you should follow underneath steps –

To send money:

  • Open your FB messenger app,
  • Message your friend, whom you want to pay,
  • Tap the $ icon and fill the amount you want to pay,
  • Tap pay in the top right of the chat head after which you need to add your debit card details,
  • One-click away to make a payment.

To receive money: 

  • Open your messenger,
  • Message your friend, from whom you want to ask for money,
  • Click on add card details,
  • Add your debit card details to enjoy receiving money.

The payment is secured as per the policies of Facebook and usually, the payment will reflect in your bank account within 1-3 working days. 

4. Live-location Sharing

Tense about where your family members are! Go stress-free with this app which helps you to locate the position of your dear ones easily. What we are discussing here works well with Facebook for android. Follow underneath steps to learn about this remarkable feature by Facebook

  • Open your Facebook messenger app,
  • Click on the chat, you want to share location with, 
  • Tap  : : (four-dots option) for location,
location sharing - The solution nation
  • Click on Share Live Location.

To stop sharing your location, simply click on Stop Sharing Location.

5. Secret Conversation

Want to chat with someone without letting others know? Go unnoticed and untracked with Facebook instant messenger app.

  • Open your app,
  • Choose your secret friend, whom you want to go unnoted with,
  • Press upon the name of your friend,
Facebook Messenger - the solution nation

Choose Secret Conversation.


In this article, we have discussed the top 5 Facebook Messenger App tips and tricks you don’t know. The above-described tricks perfectly operate on Facebook for Android and little bit different procedures to be followed for an iPhone user. 

However, one cannot deny the multiple advantages that the Facebook messenger app is offering. No wonder that Facebook is one of the widely accepted platforms by the people, hitting 1.3 billion marks across the globe.