Online applications have become an inevitable part of our lives. We need software to perform even the microtask in our offices or homes. One such application that has become compulsory for everyone is Microsoft Word. To create a document, we need a Word application that comes in MS Office suite. Microsoft is the titan in the Word processors, no one can compete with this product. 

You can easily download Microsoft Word for free, it’s available for all types of users; It is available for students, office workers as well as home users. Microsoft Office is compatible with every Windows version, also works smoothly with Windows 10, and available online as Office 365. 

Microsoft Office is standing on the top where no one can match its popularity and services. Despite having great features, users sometimes reported several issues while using Microsoft products, especially with MS Word. There might be several reasons which trigger the issues such as incompatible add-ons, the system doesn’t match up the minimum requirement to use the Word and many more. 

Now, what can a user do whose system does not meet the requirements of MS Word? Well, there are other free alternatives to Microsoft Office available with the same features and user experience. Here in this blog, we will describe the top 5 best alternatives to Microsoft Word. 

5 Best Alternatives to Microsoft Word

Google Docs App

Google Docs is the most popular alternative to MS Word. It is the best free option for users. All you need to have a Google account to use the Google Docs app. It has its own unique features which make the writing experience far better than that of other applications. It is integrated with cloud hence the risk of data loss is equal to nil and you don’t need to save the document from time to time, its autosave feature saves the data automatically.  

Google Docs also supports Microsoft Word’s .doc and .docx formats, so it can easily import the word documents. One key feature of Google Docs is, you can share it with anyone, and real-time collaboration helps to boost the productivity of businesses. 


If you are searching for some solid and reliable desktop tool that can give the best word experience; the LibreOffice is the best option for you. It has great features that help to create documents effortlessly. It has an old-fashioned look but comes with convenient features that you can’t ignore, such as auto-save, tracking change, and commenting. LibreOffice gives the same old experience of older version Microsoft products. 

Talking about features and interface both are up to the mark, the neat and clean interface with easily accessible toolbars which makes the editing and formatting a calk walk process. Also, compatible with Word documents, so there is no trouble with opening Word documents with it. 

Apache OpenOffice Writer 

Apache OpenOffice writer is another alternative with a classic interface. It looks similar to the Office 2003 but with the remarkable features. You get everything with this tool that a business software suite requires.  It runs on its own document format, but compatible with the doc, Docx file too. You will get the most recent features of Word in Apache OpenOffice writer, so writing and editing documents won’t be a complex task with this application. 

WPS Office Writer

WPS Office Writer is loaded with impactful features as MS Word, you will get the same feature as the premium version MS Word in this word alternative. It has received good and positive reviews from the tech leaders that make it a more trustable application.  It has almost the same features that MS word has such as cloud support and more. However, it lacks real-time collaboration, compatible with Windows, Mac, and even Linus operating systems. 

Microsoft Office Word Online

This free alternative of Microsoft Word works just like Google Docs. It is easy to use the cloud-based version and a freemium version of Word, it lacks several features that the paid version has. But it is quite effective as a free option. It has a similar interface like Google Docs but few other things make it more like MS Word. It is integrated with One Drive so data save in drive safely also has real-time collaboration which lacks in many popular applications. Its formatting feature is the key thing about this application; it helps to keep intact the original structure of data when you import into MS Word. 

These are the top best alternatives of Microsoft Word, you can use any of them if you are having issues with MS applications. However, MS Word application is irreplaceable but you can give a try to the above-mentioned list if you regularly face problems with MS applications.