Facebook and Facebook Lite are two different applications belonging to the same parent company. Although, they aren’t the same at all. They have numerous distinguishing features that named them so. After reading the blog, one may understand the Facebook vs Facebook Lite term more precisely and the difference between Facebook and Facebook Lite. Let’s get started. 

What is Facebook?

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms developed by none other than Mark Zuckerberg. It was launched to connect friends, families, and relatives across the countries. Developers have improvised the same. Features like video calling, voice calling, and many more have been added. However, the overall layout of the application is appealing.

To enjoy the beautiful features, one needs to install it via the play store. Facebook Application is best for Android Tablets. 

Advantages of Using Facebook

  • It provides high-resolution videos. The videos look more appealing because of their astonishing layout. 
  • The quality of voice and video calls is excellent. 
  • It is smooth to use. 
  • One can jump into the other content on a single touch.

Disadvantages of Facebook

  • It works best only on 4G data.
  • It lags with a slow data connection.  
  • The internet gets used up quickly. 
  • It requires a lot of RAM to install the application. In simpler words, a lot of storage is needed. 
  • One cannot chat using the Facebook application. As a result, they need to install another application for it called “Messenger”.
  • A considerable amount of storage is required for downloading another app.

What is Facebook Lite?

Facebook lite was developed in the year 2015. It was build only for Android users. Earlier its accessibility was less. First, it was available for particular countries. With its increased demand, it became available in nearly all countries. This application is readily available in low storage phones. In simpler words, it has become the first application to install in almost all smartphones with little memory. 

Advantages of Facebook Lite

  • Storage isn’t an issue. It is not a burden on smartphones with low memory.
  • It runs smoothly on low storage phones. 
  • One can chat using Facebook lite. No need to install additional application. 
  • It has somewhat all the features of Facebook. 

Disadvantages of Facebook Lite

  • It often lags and the process is a bit slower than Facebook.
  • Quality becomes an issue to deal with.

Comparative Study Between Facebook and Facebook Lite

Let us do a comparative study of both the applications: 

  • Storage: Facebook is around 60-72 MB. However, Facebook Lite is about 3 MB only. It doesn’t put any burden on the phone’s storage. However, Facebook does. 

Nobody wants to make his/her phone lag or hang. So one will prefer Facebook Lite to prevent deterioration of the phone’s performance.

  • Internet issues: An individual might deal with various connectivity issues. In such a case, it is advisable to install Facebook Lite. It runs on a slow network. On the other side, the Facebook application does not even open on a low network issue. 
  • Customer inconvenience: To use Facebook properly, one has to install Messenger so that people can chat over. consequently, it need more storage. On the other side, Facebook lite app has an in-built feature of chatting. One only has to install Facebook Lite, and you are good to go.

if you don’t have enough RAM on your mobile device, go for the lite version of Facebook else it is preferable to go with Facebook. 

  • Layout: The layout of Facebook lite is up to date. Sometimes it becomes monotonous to use. Individuals with proper storage and internet connectivity can seamlessly use Facebook.
  • Response: Facebook lite has not a very quick response. It takes a second or two to process the request made by the user. While Facebook is fast if your internet connectivity is good.

Which to use Facebook or Facebook Lite? 

Both applications have advantages as well as disadvantages. Some people prefer Facebook, while others prefer Facebook lite. It depends upon the priority and preferences of an individual. However, preferences differ from one person to another because of various reasons. Facebook lite is for those who don’t have a connection as well as storage issues. It is prefer by people who aspiring for high-quality content. It helps in browsing faster. 

As, most of the people are from mediocre families, they don’t have enough money to purchase expensive phones with high storage facilities. For them, Facebook Lite App is best option. Facebook Lite Messenger for Android is the latest version which only weighs around 2-4 MB


In today’s world, everyone looks for exciting features. Facebook lite can become obsolete. In the coming years, it would bring some changes in its layout. In this era of cut-throat competition, the layout can become a threat to Facebook lite. Hope this guide on Facebook vs Facebook lite able to clear your confusion.