Lately, there has been a sharp rise in the searches for “What is Incorrect Quotes Generator?” well, it is a website or tool that enables you to create conversations in various forms such as social media sites, funny jokes, or comedy writing.

There are plenty of advanced quote generators available on the web, but finding the best Incorrect quote generator is still a daunting task. Therefore, here we have a holistic guide that talks about all the top-notch Incorrect quote generators that will give the best results.

What is an Incorrect Quote Generator? An Overview

Incorrect quote generators help you create a conversation between one or more people, mainly used to create funny and comic discussions that can be used to prank friends and family, post on websites, or create a comedy script. 

These quote generators form new conversations using chatbots trained to bring on the funny conversations that are popular among anime lovers. These websites use incorrect quotations compiled by using the pre-existing database and ideas. 

Best 5 Incorrect Quotes Generator Websites

We used various factors to compare the performance of different  Incorrect Quotes Generators; some of them are variety, languages, characters, and relatability. Hence, if you are searching for the best incorrect quote generators to create new jokes, form conversations among fictional characters, or form memes, check the options below. 

PS: Use these websites for forming funny quotes and creative writing.

1. IncorrectQuotesGenerator.Com

First on the list is, which has gained unexpected popularity among netizens. This site allows you to form a conversation with up to six characters which is quite impressive for a free tool. 

The conversations formed by “” bring forth quite funny and intelligent conversations that will work to create viral memes as well as humorous and comic creative writing. You can even create scripts using this versatile tool. The tool has the highest reliability quotient; thus, the conversations are very suitable for multiple uses. 

The main highlight of this tool is the responsible site design and “Copy to Clipboard” feature, using which you can quickly move the conversation to any place of your choice

Check the example of the Quote generated using

Generated Quote Example:

A: Man, I only ever see you awake, do you ever shut down or stop running?

B: Oh, I’m always running.

B: The question is from what

2. Quotes Generator

incorrect quotes

Numero two on the list is, another renowned website used on a large scale to generate funny, clever, and comic quotes for the sake of creative and promotional purposes. 

The tool has a precise algorithm that generates conversations that hit right on the point and consist of some intellect. This is why the conversations are sharable with your friends, colleagues, family members, and social media. If you are looking for something to lighten up your intense conversation with people, this tool is what needs to be tried. 

The conversations brought forth by this tool are pretty realistic, and thus sharing it won’t lead you to any embarrassment; instead, you make yourself look excellent and humorous in your social circle. This website is finely developed and highly responsive. 

Check the example of the Quote generated by the 

Generated Quote Example:

*The group is getting into the car*

A: I’m driving.

Person B, out of view: Shotgun!

C, turning to face Person B: Aww! But you had it on the way here-

Everyone except Person B: WOAH-

Person B, holding a shotgun: No! I found a shotgun! And I want the front seat! *Pumps gun

3. ScatterPatter Incorrect Quotes Generator

incorrect quote

The third rank has been assigned to the “Incorrect Quotes Generator By ScatterPatter,” another gem in the category of Incorrect Quotes Generator. This tool is not only famous for its quote-generating capabilities but for its commendable UI, due to which people love sharing screenshots of this tool while creating the quotes.

The thing that might repel users is nonresponsive on mobile devices and other not-so-common operating systems. Another con of this website is the unavailability of the “Copy to Clipboard feature,” due to which quotes can’t be copied. This can be another reason why most of the users prefer taking screenshots while using this tool.

Check the example of the Quote generated using ScatterPatter Incorrect Quotes Generator

Generated Quote Example:

Person A: I’m kind of crushing on someone, but I’m worried about telling you who it is, because you’re not going to like it

B: Just rip the bandage off.

A: It’s Person C.

B: Put the bandage back on.

4. Perchance Incorrect Quotes Generator

quote generator tool

Next on the list of Incorrect Quotes Generator By Perchance. This tool is mediocre and forms very conventional quotes that might not appeal to everyone. The tools mentioned above generate better and more intellectual quotes than this tool. Also, it might lack some features that are available on other websites. However, this tool might fit you best if you are looking for a primary quote generator on your desktop. 

Keep in mind that it is not mobile-responsive and lacks the “Copy to Clipboard ” feature.

Check the example of the Quote generated using Perchance Incorrect Quotes Generator. 

Generated Quote Example:

B : There’s beer in the cooler.

A: What about for the children?

B : You can get water from that water fountain and use it to water down the beer.

C: Why don’t we just give the kids water?

B , angrily: I suppose you could do that!

5. Code Beautify Incorrect Quote Generator

incorrect quote generator

The incorrect quote Generator by CodeBeautify is another new player in the game. This highly comprehensive tool gives quick results that can be shared and enjoyed on social media. It offers a new UI where you can easily choose the number of characters and copy the quotes for sharing with others.

You can create a fake conversation with your friends and spice up things with some comic discussions. And most importantly, it consists of the “Copy to Clipboard” feature.

Check the example of the Quote generated using CodeBeautify Incorrect Quotes Generator.

Generated Quote Example:

A: Yo dumbass, get over here.

B: Okay

Person B: * gleefully runs past* I’m coming!

B, sadly: I thought…I was dumbass…


If you are in the search for the best Incorrect Quotes Generator tool, our top picks will help you find the one. But, if you want a suggestion, we advise you to use Incorrect quotes generator to generate the funniest and most clever quotes of all time. Also, it consists of all the necessary features that one would expect from an ideal quote generator tool.