Google Chrome is the personal favorite of many and there are many reasons for it. The best thing about this browser is you can keep a track of all tabs you have closed and open or save them in a few clicks. 

So, if you are worried about the accidentally closed tabs, here are the ways you need to restore and save tabs on Google Chrome. No matter whether you have just closed the tabs or it’s been a few days, you can get them back with extreme ease if you follow the methods given here. 

How to Save Tabs on Google Chrome:

  • Save Chrome tabs using Settings
  • Save all tabs by “Bookmarking all”

How to Reopen Tabs on Google Chrome

Method 1: Reopen recently closed tab using in-built command 

It is very easy to open the apps that you have recently closed with just one click. Just right-click the tab bar or the + icon you see on the top and select “Reopen closed tab”.  Follow the way shown in the picture here:

Alternatively, you can use the command: Ctrl + Shift + T on a PC or Command + Shift + T on a Mac. this will instantly open the tab that you have just closed.

This was the most straightforward approach to open the tabs that you closed in the recent past. But if this is not working for you, there is one more way to try.

Method 2: Restore all the closed tabs from “History”

The “history” feature of Google Chrome, carries everything that you closed. From log-ins to your searches, you can get everything here. Moreover, if you sync Google Chrome with other devices, you can retrieve everything you opened on those devices or platforms.

To re-open the closed tabs, follow these steps:

  • Click on the three vertical dots from the top-right corner of your screen and select “History
  • You will list all tabs that you have closed recently.
  • Pick the one that you need to re-open and just click on it.

How to Save Tabs on Google Chrome

This was all about reopening the tabs that you have closed, but if you want to save all the tabs that you open for future use, here are the ways you can use. If you want to manage numerous opened tabs, use the Workona tab manager, a perfect extension for Google chrome.

Method 1: Save Chrome tabs using Settings

  • Click on the three-vertical dots and open Settings
  • Scroll-down on the next-screen and select “Continue from where you’ve left” under “On startup” manner

Method 2: Save all tabs by “Bookmarking all”

You can bookmark all tabs on Google Chrome for future purposes. Your bookmarked tabs will be saved permanently so that you can open them whenever required with just one click. For this, 

  • Click on the black space or + icon on the top tab-menu and select “Bookmark All Tabs”
  • Name the folder in which all tabs will be stored and click “Save”
  • To open these saved tabs, click on Bookmarks>>Other bookmarks and then open the bookmarked tabs. 

Why do you need to Save or Restore Tab?

  • While browsing several topics you need to open several tabs at one time, to make it convenient to revisit you need to restore and save tabs on Google Chrome.
  • for creating the browser session for your daily visited sites.