A disabled Facebook account means that account has officially removed from the public view. In this case, all your information, such as tags, posts, etc. concerned with your respective Facebook ID remains safe and saved on Facebook servers. Hence, you need to recover the disabled Facebook account immediately, because when the FB account get disabled, It will be hidden from everyone even the search engine failed to find it.

How To Know If Your Account Get Disabled?

When your Facebook account get disabled due to whatsoever reason, you always see a message on screen your account is disabledwhile login. There can be various reasons for which Facebook might disable your account.  

Reasons For A Disabled Facebook Account 

You might face a disabled Facebook due to many reasons. Some of them are as mentioned below:

  • The Facebook accounts might be disabled for violating the terms and conditions. Read here the terms of Facebook.
  • If you sign in to your account from an unknown location. 
  • You have created a fake profile on Facebook. 
  • In case, you do not follow Facebook’s community standards. 
  • If many people report your profile as spam or inappropriate, your account might get disable forever.  
  • If you post the kind of content on your Facebook profile that violates the standard rules and regulations of Facebook. 
  • You Impersonate someone on Facebook. 
  • If you join a large number of inappropriate groups. 
  • Your approach to other users connected with Facebook includes harassment, bully, or any kind of inappropriate behavior. 
  • If you have any kind of illegal access to your account. 
  • If you do not access your Facebook account for a long time period, maybe a year or two. 

Based on the issue, Facebook disables the account on the seriousness of violation that you have created. Disabling of Facebook account can majorly be of two types:

  • Temporarily Disabled Facebook Account 
  • Permanent Disabled Facebook Account 

When you violate major rules and regulations as per the standard of Facebook guidelines, your account can be taken down or disabled by Facebook forever. This is a severe case as per Facebook and you cannot recover the disabled account under any circumstances. 

How to Open/ Recover Disabled Facebook Account?

There can be instances when Facebook may disable your account under some minor circumstances. As a result, your account will be disable only on a temporary basis. You can reactivate or recover your account easily. 

There are majorly two forms available that can help you recover your temporarily disabled Facebook account. An additional third form mentioned under but it’s only helpful for those whose account has been disabled, not due to violating any rules or spam but for the longer inaccessibility. You can choose any form of your choice, solely based on your requirement of the situation. 

You must note that to recover your Facebook account under any circumstance, there are various documents that you might have to submit as proof. In case the information in your official documents does not match with your Facebook account, you will probably not get the back the access back. 

The Various Forms Available Are:

The only method to recover your disabled Facebook account is by filling disabled account appeal-id request form. Therefore, you need to fill the form and submit necessary documents, and wait for your account to get recovered. 

  1. FORM 1. 


This is useful for those users who are well aware of where they go wrong. In case, you have not violated any rule of Facebook or maybe not much sure why your account has been disabled, this form is not for you. 

Basic Steps to fill this form:

  • Enter your email address or phone number in the required bar. Make sure, you have entered the registered phone number or email IDs with your Facebook account. 
  • Enter the Full name associated with your Facebook account. 
  • Click in “choose files”.
  • Now select a valid identity proof and upload it. 
  • Now wait until your account get recovered by Facebook.

Proof Document Details

The proof that you attach with this appeal form must have your full name, date of birth, and residence proof necessarily mentioned in it. Please note that details mentioned in the document you submit must match the details associated with your disabled Facebook account. If the details don’t match, you won’t be able to recover your account. 

Moreover, you can submit a scanned copy of any of the following original documents preferably in jpg format:

  1. Birth certificate 
  2. Passport 
  3. Driving License
  4. Voter ID card
  5. Personal insurance card
  6. Vehicle insurance card 
  7. Marriage certificate 
  8. Tax Identification Card 
  1. FORM 2


 This form is useful for those who want to attach a message along with their appeal form. This gives you the facility to keep your side of opinion fairly. Follow the basic steps to fill this form:

  • Enter your full name associated with your disabled Facebook account. 
  • Mention your date of birth in the asked order. 
  • From the ‘Additional Info’ tab, you can enter your reason/clarification/point of opinion in detail. 
  • Enter your email address or phone number associated with the disabled Facebook account. 
  • Press ‘Send’ and wait for the response. 
  1. FORM 3


This form is beneficial for the users, whose Facebook account get disabled due to a long period of inaccessibility. However, when you don not log in to your account for maybe a year or so, Facebook temporarily disables your account. 

Open the link – fill required details – attach required document and submit the form. 


Once you fill the appeal form to recover your account, you need to wait patiently at least for a week. Just make sure to keep a check on your emails and you can expect an email from Facebook regarding the activation status. 

Never fill the form multiple times. It might present you as a spammer and your request to recover the account will be denied. You can always consider the Facebook Help Section for help.