Facebook is one of the fastest-growing platforms in terms of connecting people from all over the globe. You can do enormous things with your Facebook such as making new friends or following the old ones, talking to them flawlessly via messaging feature of Facebook, and only with just one click. 

But now, Facebook is increasing its branches. It has landed in the field of business and corporate world also. Clients can go partnering with their subordinates. Start-ups can reach the epitome of success with their Facebook business pages. Therefore, Facebook is worth your attention and time nowadays. 

Now before using your Facebook account either for personal or professional use, you have to create your Facebook account via signing up or signing in if it already existed. Once you sign in into your Facebook account, the process includes setting up the profile photo, the cover photo, and your personal or professional details. Now, after setting them up, you have an option to either display your details privately or publicly. 

Yes! You read it right. Facebook provides you an option to make Facebook profile private. Facebook was started so that you can share your intentions with the public but nowadays having a private Facebook account is not a dream anymore. 

Reasons For Go Private on FB

  • Online privacy is an issue for you, then you can make Facebook private.
  • If you are abashed in letting the outsiders look at your profile, then also you can go for the private option. 
  • If someone is bullying or harassing you, then also you can set Facebook to private. This is a remarkable feature especially for girls/women too.

Therefore, the major purpose of Facebook to start this feature of going private is only to respect the privacy of an individual. Here in this article, you will learn about “how to make your Facebook private”. 

How to Set Facebook to Private via Desktop 

  • Initially, you have to log in to your Facebook account (Facebook.com) with the username and password. This is your first step in building a private Facebook account.
  • The news feed will be displayed in front of your screen.
  • Open options dialog box located in the right-hand corner of the screen by navigating the arrow. 
  • Find out “Settings” after scrolling down the menu in the process to make Facebook private. 
  • After clicking on the “Settings” tab, a list of options will be available in front of you to choose from.
  • Click on the “Privacy” button. You will get several different options in front of you. 
  • Hit the “Edit” option to change a specific privacy option. This certain feature will allow you to change, expand the section, and let you control your privacy settings by your own will. 

There are the following options, you will see: 

  • Public
  • Friends
  • Friends except…
  • Specific friends
  • Only me

Out of all the available options, you can choose with whom you want to share information or profile. “Only me” option will help you to make profile private. 

  • You can also opt for more private browsing by restricting certain tags of people and your timeline preview by visiting the “Timeline and Tagging” section. 

How to Make Facebook Private on Smartphone

  • From your mobile device, open Facebook application. 
  • Click on three horizontal lines displayed on the top right corner of your Facebook home screen. 
  • Once you tap, you will be given different options to proceed by. 
  • Hit the “Settings and Privacy button and then on “Privacy Shortcuts” which will be below it. 
Privacy steps on Facebook
  • Inside “Privacy Shortcuts”, click on “Privacy header”. Follow “See more privacy settings”. After clicking on the latter option, you will be able to change the privacy of your posts, tags, timeline immediately. 
Privacy steps on Facebook
  • For more private features, you can repeat step 5 and see the various options you can control. Just scroll down and search what is required!

These are the few steps you are away to let you learn how to be private on Facebook.


In this article, you learned about the private Facebook account and just as profile, you can also make videos, posts, profile photos, and information private on FB. So, if you are not even embarrassed, you can still go private with this astounding feature of Facebook. Therefore, irrespective of your gender, you are free to make Facebook private