If you are the one who is troubled due to Yahoo mail not working on the iPhone issue, you are at the right place to solve your problem. The most common questions that one can have while operating Yahoo mail, are: 

  • Not able to read or open emails. 
  • Messages are stuck while opening. 
  • Yahoo email is not updating. 
  • Yahoo email is not loading. 

Some of the users might get the pop-ups like “Authentication Failed,” “Cannot get an email,” “Connection to the server failed,” “Yahoo email not working,” etc. Therefore, in this article, you will learn about sorting the problems associated with your iPhone’s yahoo mail issues. 

Solutions to Fix Yahoo mail issues on iPhone

Yahoo always recommends using the latest version of Yahoo on iPhones. So, if you have not installed the latest update, make sure you connect it to avoid any Yahoo login problems. Even after installing the latest update, if you are facing Yahoo mail issues on iPhone, go through these simple steps: 

Enabling Cellular Data

The most common problem you might encounter while logging in into your Yahoo email is you might have forgotten to open your mobile phone data. You need to open the “settings,” then proceed with the “cellular” option and end with the “toggle the mail app on” button. 

Sign in and sign out from your Yahoo mail app for iPhone

  • Go to your Yahoo mail app for iPhone. Sign out of the account. Then sign in into it with your mail id and password. 

Restart your iPhone

Most of the time, merely starting your iPhone back can do wonders for you. 

  • Click on the power button and the volume up button together. You will see the power off slider option. Then drag the slider so that your iPhone is shut down. Restart your iPhone again. 

Delete and then re-add your Yahoo mail on iPhone

If you have Yahoo mail issues on iPhone, then the settings can be altered to look after the solution.

  • Disconnect the Yahoo mail account from the iPhone. 
  • Visit “settings” and then “password and accounts”.
  • Search for your Yahoo mail account. 
  • Tap on the “delete” button.
  • Add the Yahoo email again onto your iPhone. The setup can either be done manually or force the app to search for your email automatically. 

If you get tired of issues of Yahoo, you can delete the Yahoo account permanently

Automatic Setup of Yahoo Account

  • Visit “settings” and then “password and accounts”.
  • Click on “add an account.”
  • Press the “Yahoo icon.”
  • Once you complete the steps shown on-screen, check your Yahoo mail.

If you still have Yahoo mail issues on iPhone, then you can go for a manual setup. 

Manual Setup of Yahoo Account

  • Visit “settings” and then “password and accounts” and then add your mail into it.
  • Fill all the details that are asked for while proceeding like your name, email, or password. 

Click on IMAP Tab

  • Email: Enter your full email account.
  • Incoming mail server: 
  1. Hostname – imap.mail.yahoo.com 
  2. Port – 993
  3. Requires SSL – Yes

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server

  • Hostname – smtp.mail.yahoo.com
  • Port – 465 or 587 
  • Requires SSL – Yes
  • Requires authentication – Yes

Generate Passwords for Third-Party 

If you are using iOS emails for your Yahoo sign-in, it may ask you to generate third-party passwords. 

  • Go to your web page and sign in with your Yahoo email account. 
  • Visit your Account security page then.
  • Press the button for “generate app passwords” or “manage app passwords”. 
  • Once you click on the required button, your app will be displayed in the drop-down list. Select the app and click generate.
  • Follow the instructions as you will move into its process. After completing the whole procedure, click Done. 
  • Therefore, with the new generated password and your existing Yahoo mail id, log in into your iOS mail app. 

Use Yahoo mail app for iPhone

Now, after doing the 3rd step, if you still have Yahoo mail issues on iPhone. Consider doing this when your Yahoo mail not working: 

  • If you are using Yahoo emails on your iPhone or iOS emails, this could also be a problem with your email receiving and sending emails. 
  • Open the app store and download the latest version of the Yahoo mail app for the iPhone. 
  • After downloading is complete, sign in with your user id and password. You can now read and send all the Yahoo mails. 

Set Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server to resolve Yahoo login Problems

Setting your SMTP server inline can also resolve the issue that arose. 

  • Visit the settings and then accounts and passwords. Choose the steps as in order:
  • Yahoo
  • Account
  • Outgoing mail server SMTP
  • Other SMTP servers
  • Set the hostname to smtp.mail.yahoo.com. Click on entering name and password. 
  • Once your port is set to 465 or 587 and then click SSL to yes. 

You are all set to resume your Yahoo mail app in your iPhone


In this article, you learned about how to resolve Yahoo mail not working on iPhone. Stay connected for more such astonishing items!