A social networking service launched in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg is recognized as a blessing worldwide. Over the years Facebook has slipped in our lives in a way that it has become more of a necessity than a privilege for humans. Once you start scrolling the feed forget about the next 2-3 hours of your day that you are going to spend exercising your thumb. We are all aware of the fact that addiction even of necessities is never helpful. So, if you feel that you are spending much of your precious time with Facebook, maybe the day has come when you need to give yourself a break. 

Facebook gives you two options:

  • Deactivate your Facebook account temporarily and activate it when you wish. 
  • Delete your account permanently and distance yourself from this platform. 

We bring to you the simplest guide of the tricky processes to delete or deactivate the Facebook account. Follow some basic steps to distance yourself from your addiction and you have all the time to invest in productive activities. 

Major Difference Between Deleting and Deactivating Facebook Account

Not being able to figure out the exact purpose of Facebook in your life anymore? Spending long hours at night in dim light scrolling the Facebook feed over your phone? Is Facebook getting on your nerves now? My dear, it’s time to get rid of your addiction. Sacrificing your time, sleep, health, and mental peace over Facebook is never a good idea. Whatever has made you addicted to Facebook, the time has come to leave it behind. The options available for your problems is delete or deactivate the Facebook account, first get aware of the major difference between them.

Deactivate Your Facebook Account 

Deactivating your Facebook account simply means temporarily disable Facebook account and you can later activate or get re-login anytime you wish. This is possibly the best solution for those who need a little break from social media addiction. It will basically keep you away from the gadgets for a while and can help you live the actual vibes of life. For a little time, while your Facebook account is deactivated, your profile becomes invisible for other users. Nobody can even find it on search. Not your posts but your comments might be visible at some posts, but nobody can tap your name and open the profile. Once you start missing all the chats with your friends and those funny memes on your feed, you can always reactivate your Facebook account just by following a few simple steps. 

Delete Facebook Account

Choosing this will permanently delete your account from Facebook. Hit the “Delete” button and your account does not exist on Facebook anymore. Once you request to delete your Facebook account, it gives you a few days to log in and activate the account. But, once the given time period is over, your images, your long friend list, your text messages, everything is deleted forever.

Now, let me guide you in detail regarding the process for giving yourself a little break from social media platforms. 

Temporarily Deactivate Facebook Account

Deactivating the account will simply lead to disabling your account for some time. If you need a short break, this is the best option available for you. 

If you are using Facebook in your desktop, the following step by step procedure will help you:

  • Find the small arrow to your right side on the Facebook page, click on “Settings
deactivating Facebook account step 1 - Settings
  • Now, the settings page will open up. 
  • Find the option and click “Your Facebook Information” to your left on the Facebook page. 
deactivating Facebook account step 2
  • Now a table will appear. From that choose the option “deactivation and deletion” 
deactivating Facebook account step 3
  • Now you can see two options on the web page. 
deactivating Facebook account step 4
  • Choose “Deactivate Account”. Now click on “Continue to Account Deactivation
  • Now Facebook asks for the reason for deactivating the account. 
deactivating Facebook account step 5
  • Add the required information in the columns. 
  • Finally, click on “Deactivate
deactivating Facebook account step 6
  • If you are logged out of your account, congratulations! Your Facebook account is officially deactivated.

How to Deactivate the Facebook Account Using the App?

If you want to deactivate the Facebook account from your smartphone, follow the underneath steps;

  • Find the three parallel lines right corner of the Facebook profile. 
deactivating Facebook account on app step 1
  • Go to the “Settings and Privacy” option.
  • Now choose the “settings” option. 
deactivating Facebook account on app step 2
  • In the left column, tap on “Facebook Information” and tap on “Account Ownership and Control
deactivating Facebook account on app step 3
  • Now, Tap on “Deactivation and deletion” 
deactivating Facebook account on app step 4
  • Choose “Deactivate Account”, Now tap on “Continue to Account Deactivation
deactivating Facebook account on app step 5
  • Now you will be asked to enter the password for the confirmation
  • Now, finally, choose “Deactivate

Congratulations! You finally have a short break from your addiction to Facebook and you are all free to focus more on your health and mental peace. 

How to Permanently Delete the Facebook Account?

It is no undoubtedly quite hard to convince yourself to permanently delete your Facebook account. But if Facebook is disturbing your necessary day-to-day activities, it becomes more necessary to strictly stay away from Facebook. If you are not really concerned about your virtual life and believe more in the concept of ‘living in the moment”, Facebook deletion is absolutely relevant for you. 

As you plan to delete your account, make sure to have a backup of all the important data you have on Facebook in a hard drive. You can download your information from Facebook. This will prevent you from losing the crucial information stored on your Facebook account. 

There are only two ways to delete any Facebook account as mentioned below:

  1. First is that you can follow the same steps as we followed in Deactivating the account. You just need to choose “Permanently Delete Account” instead of choosing to Deactivate your account and the purpose will be solved. 
  1. In order to follow the second method of deleting Facebook account, follow the steps as mentioned below:
  • Make sure that your Facebook account is already login the device you are using for the purpose of deleting it. 
  • Now, open this link in your browser and login into your account https://www.facebook.com/delete_account
Delete FB account - the solution nation
  • Now you can find various options available on your Facebook page. Since we are aiming at deleting the Facebook account, skipping all other options, we shall focus on that. 
  • We will Click on the setting, move to the Facebook account information, and then click on Deactivation or deletion options.
Delete FB account step 2
  • Still Unsure about the decision? You still have a chance to press “Cancel”
  • If you have finally made up your mind, hit the “Delete account” button and make sure that your Facebook account will permanently be deleted after a certain period of time. 
Delete FB account step 3
  • As the final step, you are required to enter the password and click “Continue” 
Delete FB account step 4


This given article will resolve the common concern of users about the difference between Delete or Deactivate the Facebook Account.