Gmail is a widely used email service all around the world. But, it becomes a headache when your inbox is filled with lots of large and unwanted emails. Receiving a lot of junk or spam mail consumes huge space. So, it’s good to clear those spam emails. Don’t know how to automatically delete junk mail on iPhone? Here, you’ll find the solution.

Why Delete Junk Mails?

Unsolicited or junk mail piles up over time in your Gmail account and can consume unnecessary space. It also increases the risk of cyber security threats. Hackers use junk emails to steal sensitive data and put malware into the device. So, keep your mailbox clean and regain storage space by automatically deleting spam or junk mail.

If you notice that email is not syncing properly, the chances are that your mailbox contains a large volume of messages. Having a larger mailbox often leads to insufficient space on the server. For example, you get 15GB of space on Google Drive, but when it starts to fill up with emails and other data, you start getting storage errors.

Delete Junk Mails via Settings

This is the most straightforward way to remove junk emails on your iPhone. All you have to do is navigate to the settings and click ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars.’ Then, you need to scroll down further and click on the Junk Mail button. Now, click on delete all of the messages. Turn off this feature by toggling the switch to off.  

Remove Junk Mails via Mail App

Another way to get rid of junk mail on your iPhone is the use of the Mail app. Open up this app and swipe left on the message. It will show up on a menu with the Delete and Mark as Junk options. Simply click on these options. Remember one thing you must refresh the Mail app after deleting junk.

Remove Junk Mail Permanently

There are two ways to permanently delete junk mail from your iPhone. Move to Settings and click on Mail, Contacts, and Calendars. Select your email account under the Accounts and scroll down to the Junk Mail option. Either select to automatically delete your messages or move them to the Junk folder. The other way is the same as described while using the Mail app.

Delete Emails From Specific Sender 

iphone taping

Open Gmail on your iPhone or another device. Now, click on the ‘show search options’ icon next to the search bar. Enter the sender’s name in the From box and choose to create a filter. Then, select the filter, Delete it, and select Create Filter again. It will make all future emails from the specific filter deleted automatically. You can add multiple senders’ names.

Delete All Emails at Once

Open the Mail app and select a folder with emails to delete. Hit the Edit option at the top of the screen. Click the very first email in the folder and then tap and hold the Move button. At the same time, click on the first mail again and then release the button. You’ll get an option to move all emails from the original folder to a new folder. Be patient, as it may consume time.

Can’t Delete Junk Emails on iPhone?

Can’t delete the junk emails on your iPhone? Don’t worry, as deleting these emails sometimes becomes difficult. Some emails keep appearing again and again in the inbox every few minutes. Sometimes, they just refuse to go to Trash. To fix this problem, try the following troubleshooting tips.

  • Delete Trash Mails from Server

The deleted junk mail that remains on the server sometimes returns to the inbox. So, they need to delete it from the server. Move to Settings and click Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Choose your email account and double-click on the Advanced button. Choose Deleted Mailbox and select Trash under On The Server. At last, exit Settings and restart your phone.

  • Update your iPhone

Many users solve the issue by installing the latest iOS version on their iPhones. So, check and install the recent update, even if it is minor. Navigate to Settings and click General, and then the Software Update option. Click Download and Install. If prompted to do so, submit your passcode. Now, simply restart your iPhone as you usually do.

  • Turn the Account On and Off

Turning the email account on and off several times helps by refreshing the connection to the mail servers. For this, navigate to Settings and then click Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Click on your email account and slide the Mail to off, and then exit Settings. Wait for some seconds and access your Mail again. Slide Mail to on and repeat these steps 2-3 times.

The Conclusion

Mass removing tons of spam or unwanted emails at once can be a headache. Luckily, you have an easier way to do so with no hassle. So, if you don’t want to delete several emails manually, set them to delete automatically. As you know how to automatically delete junk mail on iPhone, choose any method, and keep only important mail in your inbox.