Relationship conflicts are an inevitable part of everyone’s life. But how do you handle conflict defines the major portion of our personality. If you love someone, you can’t intentionally hurt them, even if you are having a fight. 

We all have couple-goals. Ideal couples are not angels, they are humans like us. Just they keep a few things in mind when they are having tough times, conflict, or disagreement with their partners. We have enlisted all the keys to resolving conflict in a relationship below, with these tips you can resolve the relationship conflict without hurting your partner.

How to Resolve Conflicts in a Relationship?

No Yelling- Talk Over the Problems

It is important to communicate with your partner without shouting or yelling at each other. 

No matter how angry you are, try to talk about the thing that is bothering you instead of yelling at each other. We know our partners and understand what can hurt or trigger them, so avoid using such words or actions that can act as fuel in the burning fire. 

You both talk about the disagreement with a cool mind. Even if things are heated up, do not yell and call them names, instead leave the place for a while if you are not able to handle the heat. 

You must ask yourself about: 

  1. Why actually you are angry
  2. What is causing the anger
  3. What can be the solution
  4. How can the root cause be fixed to avoid such conflicts in future? 

Be a Attentive Listener

Sometimes, misunderstanding creates conflicts and we come to the conclusion without listening. It is impossible that things are different from what you are thinking. 

We all have the capability of overthinking over small issues and creating our come right to the consequences without taking the note of important things.

So, listen to your partner or ask them to explain the scene and only them make any decision. Getting angry with just a thought of something is not wise. So, check the grounds for the problem and listen to your partner’s feelings and intentions.

Timing is Everything

Discussing the problem when you and your partner are already in a bad mood, is the worst timing. Calm yourself and your partner first and then talk about the things that are bothering you.

How to check if timing is right?

  1. You both are not tired or exhausted
  2. You just had a disagreement and you get another topic
  3. You or your partner is hungry
  4. One of two is distracted or having another issue
  5. One of you is unhealthy.
  6. Your partner or you are not already depressed over something else

Tone Should be Right

Most of the issues occur due to the tone! When you are talking to your partner, the tone should be right. Sometimes, your tone doesn’t match with your words or thoughts and you end up hurting each other.

So what to do?

  1. Never use sarcasm or belittling tone
  2. Make sure you are not sounding bossy or creepy
  3. Your texts may not deliver the right tone, so avoid arguing over texts.
  4. If your partner misunderstood you, clear the things immediately by meeting them or over a call.
  5. If calling is not possible, add sweet, sorry, or the love emojis to texts. Even sad emojis may work to deliver your feelings.

Never Forget to Show Respect 

We often use harsh words and actions when angry, but this is the worst thing you can do to your relationships.  Even, you may end up speaking words that you don’t actually want to. 

Disrespecting your partner is the biggest NO! Not because they are your partner because they are human and everyone deserves respect whether they are connected to you or not. So, take note of a few things when you are angry:

  • Take your time to cool down and then discuss the topic
  • Don’t leave the topic and start bringing irrelevant stuff just to win the argument
  • Don’t raise your voice, and softly present your point
  • Let your partner convey their feelings and do not interrupt them while they are talking
  • Consider your parent’s viewpoint
  • Accept your fault
  • Don’t act superior

Always Remember You Love Them

We all know fighting is the phase. but sometimes you forget everything that you guys have, You just argue to win.  But never leave the thought that he or she is the person whom you love and who loves you.

Even the most perfect couples have fights, but the key to maintaining their relationship is they always know they are fighting with the love of their life and not an enemy. So, make sure to be mindful about the underneath things that help to save a relationship;

  • You are not overreacting
  • You are not overthinking
  • Always trust your partner
  • Never sleep on an argument. Resolve the relationship conflicts and then have a healthy sleep and sweet dreams.

Practice Empathy

Empathy is the ability to accept, understand, and respect the feelings of the next person. We know how important empathy is important in our lives, but it is the most important factor for driving your love life in the right manner. There are things that you must know:

  • Don’t let misunderstanding ruin and crackup relationship conflicts
  • Put yourself in their shoes and then imagine the scenario
  • Consider their perspective
  •  Pay attention to their words
  •  Practice compassion even if you are arguing

Enjoy Disagreement

People tend to have their own thoughts and point of views on different topics like politics, religion, relationship or family. You both can agree on everything and this is the key to a healthy relationship. 

  • You both should agree to the disagreements of each other. 
  • No matter what they think, never try to change them (if it is not bad for others)
  • Don’t try to control the thoughts and beliefs of your partner
  • As far as, the thoughts are not disturbing for your family or society and even for your partner, there is no harm to let them think the way they want and move on.

Forgiveness is the Savior

No matter how heated up the argument was, forgive each other at the end of the day. Forgiveness is not just the words you, it’s about the things you feel. So, practice forgiveness by:

  1. Dropping the topic
  2. Forgetting the anger you and your partner had
  3. Treating your partner with love and compassion
  4. Try to make each other happy again.

Wrapping up:

It is important to have healthy communication if you really want to resolve the conflict. So, listen, love, respect, and forgive. This is how you can deal with relationship conflicts and can settle the hardest of battles.