No doubts Windows 10 is a revolutionary operating system designed and developed by Microsoft. It has completely turned the table and made computing easy as pie. However, complications in software or tools are as clear as day. Therefore, many times users of Windows 10 get stuck in a scenario that leaves them stumped. If you are looking for how to get help in Windows 10, you have crashed on the right post. Here we will describe the quick ways to get help with Windows 10, so you can get back to work as soon as possible.

Start With Getting Help

Windows 10 is a smart operating system, and well aware of problems. Hence, it has an inbuilt Get Help application that offers a solution to almost every arising issue in this OS.

All you need to move your mouse pointer in the search box and type Get Help then click on it.

Virtual Agent to get help in Windows 10

Next, Windows will connect you with the “virtual agent”. Now you can chat with the bot by typing your concern. It will give multiple options along with a solution.

Hit F1 for Help

get help in Windows 10

Hitting the F1 button for Windows help is the oldest way, it is as similar as to pressing 911 for any help. Press the F1 button and Windows will pop up the Bing search in Internet explorer for “how to get help in Windows 10”. However, it not that effective as you can search your browser.

Note: F1 key can be used in other application for help such as Google Chrome, Microsoft word

Get Help Using Cortana

Cortana assistance

If typing is not your cup of tea, try to get help using Cortana, the digital assistance application from Microsoft for Windows 10 users. To get the help you need to click on the icon placed right beside the search box in the taskbar. Once you click on it speak your query and it will come up with the best online result for your concern.

Get Help from Customer Support and Other Platforms

Customer Support

Contact Microsoft support for Windows 10 help

Windows 10 is a self-reliant operating system that can resolve minor issues on its own. But operating systems are made with complex mechanisms, sometimes few issues need assistance from experts. Hence, Microsoft’s customer support is available to fix the user’s concerns.

Get Help from Microsoft Website

Windows 10 help

Microsoft support is an effective way to get help in Windows 10. There are a bunch of options available such as help via online forums, online troubleshooting guides, social media accounts, and more.  

Ask the Microsoft Community

Microsoft community for help

Microsoft community is the freeway to get help for Windows 10 or any other MS products. You can browse for Windows, Office 365, Xbox, Outlook, Skype Microsoft Edge, Bing, and other Microsoft products. Apart from help, this community is the best way to get aware of the latest products and updates.

How to Contact Microsoft Support?

Follow the underneath steps for easiest to connect with customer support.

  • Go to Microsoft official website and sign in with your login id and password
  • Now from the menu click on the support
  • You will be moved to the support page of Windows
  • From the support page scroll down to the page, you will see options such as Get support – contact us, Join the discussion – Ask the community
  • Choose any one as per your convenience and get help with Windows 10 problem

Wrap Up

Windows is an amazing operating system and works flawlessly also capable of resolving issues itself. But for complicated issues, you can get help for Windows above given methods.