Mark Zuckerberg, 36 years old, young, and innovative mind bought the revolution in the era of social media by introducing a unanimous platform called Facebook in February 2004. It is quite popular now among all age groups. Facebook has successfully drawn the attention of many small and big size businesses, especially after introducing Facebook ads Manager feature. 

Now, if you are the owner of a business and running low on sales due to any reason, Needn’t worry! By implementing an effective Facebook ads strategy, you can boost the average business sale to effective and efficient transactions. 

Wondering how to use this unique and sales booster platform ? keep reading below essential points that are useful for your business: 

What is the Purpose of Adopting a Facebook Campaign?

Facebook is a established social media platform and used by 1.8 billion users around the globe. Out of 5, at least two people spend their most of the time using Facebook.

Hence, after analyzing the fact, the officials of this platform decided to introduce the feature that can boost the sales of numerous businesses and connect more and more potential clients worldwide. 

You can adopt this feature to expand the sales, convey the message, just pick the right amount of audience, and fluctuate your campaign’s timings according to your business need. 

Essential Steps to Use Facebook Ads Manager

Step 1: Open FB Business Manager account

Opening the Facebook manager account is the first vital step. It would help if you have the master control of the business manager account in your hand, this way you can easily keep an eye on the ads, campaign, and other activities performed by your business managers.

Go to and create an account for your FB business page. You need to properly set up the payment method and billing information, and after this, you can navigate to Facebook Ads Manager.

Step 2: Navigate Ads Manager Account

Once the account is open, it is the time for navigation. For this, click on

Here you can navigate the ads price, control expenditure on ads, monitor campaign performance metrics, perform activities, and see the running time of your ads with much efforts. 

Step 3: Ad Objective Selection

There are three primary objectives to run the Facebook ad manager and they are Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion campaigns. This step is significant because it determines the primary goal of Facebook ad targeting. Just click on the “Create Ad” button and select “Create a complete campaign”. Then, you will be navigated to a screen where you can set the ad-objective and other related factors.

Create a campaign

Step 4: Pick Your Audience

Now the time has arrived when you can pick your selective and targeted audience. While numerous around the globe use Facebook regularly, and it might be challenging for you to choose the right audience for you. Here are some suggestions for you: 

  1. Pick the location, state, pin code, and city
  2. Differentiate Age and Gender
  3. Choose Language-based audience
  4. Behavior Integration (Activities they involved in and their areas of interest)
  5. Pages your audience like

You can even select the lookalike audience that can be quite similar to your interest. Moreover, you can use the Facebook audience insight tool to know the interests and behavior of the audience.

Step 5: Select your budget

Now, Facebook allows account holders to select the budget as per their business needs. You can perform it in two different ways: 

  • Daily media spend (the average amount you will spend per day on an ad) 
  • lifetime media spend (how much amount you’ll spend over a chosen duration of time on an ad).

By default, Facebook asks users to spend a minimum of $20 per campaign. But as a recommendation, we suggest paying a minimum of $5 per ad. This way, you will see the feedback and reactions of potential clients. 

Make sure you understand the terms CPM and CPC while setting the media-spend. 

CPM: Cost Per Mile (price for every 1,000 views on FB ad)

CPC: Cost Per Click ( price for each click on a Facebook ad)

Step 6: Select where to run AD

Running ads among the right audience is challenging. It requires appropriate planning and effective timing. Now, it’s the appropriate time for you to decide where to run FB ads. You got the below-given options to choose from:

  • Desktop/ Mobile News Feed: the ads will be served in the news feed of the users. This will appear on both mobile and desktop versions. So having a mobile-friendly website is necessary. 
  • Right-hand Column: The ad will appear on the right column of Facebook. This is the basic “banner” style that works for Desktops. It mainly convenience users to learn about or purchase your product.
  • Facebook Audience Network: the ad will be displayed on the entire network of mobile apps and websites that are partners of  Facebook to show ads. 
  • Instagram: the ad will be shown on Instagram. It is best to expand the reach and awareness of your brand/business. 

Step 7: Generate your AD

With the five essential options, you can create your Facebook ad. Such as Carousel, Single Image, Single Video, Slide show, or Collection feature. After deciding the right type, you can place your order efficiently. 

Step 8: Monitor Performance

Monitoring your Facebook Campaign regularly is key to success. As a business runner, you need to emphasize on ROI ( Return on Investment) policy. You can do this by monitoring how many people have clicked your ad and how many times, what is the average time they are spending on your ad, and last but not least, have they got convinced with your product and ready for conversion or not. 

Facebook has potential customers and it has a global reach. You can easily take advantage of this platform using a convenient Facebook Ads Manager tool.