Yahoo was established in 1994 with the aim of creating and managing people under one platform. With time, Yahoo has met with an enormous competition that has somehow restricted the growth of the very same company. This could be the probable reason as to why the users are willing to delete yahoo account permanently

If you are pondering how to delete a Yahoo email account, then you are in the right place to learn it. But before proceeding, it is necessary to look at some outcomes of it. 

  • If you are constantly being a Yahoo user and paid for the subscription services of Yahoo, you need to cancel them before further proceeding on to terminating yahoo account permanently because simply deleting your Yahoo email account will not stop the charges automatically. 
  • After the deletion of your Yahoo account, the senders will receive a notification of “Failed delivery” on their side. So, remember informing them of your removing the Yahoo email account. 
  • After deleting, you will lose access to My Yahoo settings, Yahoo messenger, and other related data. 

Steps to Delete Yahoo Email Account

Yahoo-sign-in page
  • It is recommended to read the information about the account termination before proceeding to remove the Yahoo account permanently. After careful reading, click CONTINUE

This is a detailed paragraph stating what you will lose after you will delete your Yahoo email. 

Delete Yahoo account
  • Next, you will be asked for a password associated with your account. If you don’t remember your password, you can easily opt for the account setup. Yahoo will send a code to your mobile device for authentication. 

Now, you are in a half-way of your task. 

  • After successfully entering your password, click on “Yes, delete this account” or “Yes, terminate this account” button. 
Delete Yahoo account
  • Click on the “Got It” button to proceed further. You have successfully deleted your Yahoo email account

How long does it take Yahoo to delete an account in 2020?

Yahoo takes a time of about 180 days before completely deleting your email account associated with Yahoo. However, this time period varies depending on your country in which you are residing. Some might take 40 days or some 180 days. 

However, your account will be reactivated, if you sign-in to your Yahoo email account within a particular time of deletion. Otherwise, your Yahoo account will be terminated permanently. While going into a process to close the Yahoo account, there are following questions that can come up to your mind. Let’s discuss them one by one. 

What will happen to my email address or username? 

As a normal desk works, after you will delete the Yahoo account permanently, that particular username or e-mail id will be available for someone else to take. So, if any sender still uses your old email ID to contact, the other people can receive the mails. Therefore, you should beware of telling your friends/contacts that you changed your ID. 

Is it possible to re-activate the deleted Yahoo email?

After deleting the account, your e-mail ID will be still active for a minimum period of 40 days. Although, it varies from country to country. Therefore, if you want to re-activate your account then, log in to your account within this period. 

Is it worth Removing the Yahoo account

The answer to this question can be uncertain. Long years back, Yahoo was an established company that taken over several other major companies like Gmail, Facebook, etc. But as time passes on, there is no astonishing feature present in Yahoo right now that can attract customers towards it.  

So, it depends on the brand value and as well as on your requirements whether you want to stay with or away from Yahoo.  


Yahoo is still one of the outstanding and growing platforms in many countries. Even after the arrival of many rival platforms, most people prefer to go for Yahoo account instead of any other.