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60+ Sumptuous White Nails With Diamonds Designs

Vibrant colors have taken over everything in its embrace and thus white color has taken the back seat, despite being graceful, elegant, and undoubtedly glamorous. Light shades, white colors, and subtle tones are symbols of stability and peace. Furthermore, the white nails offer you a clean canvas to bring out your inner Picasso. Let your […]

Lifestyle June 30, 2022 BY admin

Best Foods and Drinks to Boost Immunity- Health With Taste

The spread of Novel Coronavirus has awakened the sense of self-care, hygiene, and charity among the people living in every corner of the world. No vaccine has been found yet to treat this virus and thus prevention is the only way to fight against this deadly virus. So, to prevent this infection, the first and […]

Lifestyle August 4, 2020 BY admin

Natural Ways to Boost Your Body’s Immunity A.k.a Natural Defenses

The task of the immune system is to fight off bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens to protect the human body. The system is complex and involves cells in your skin, blood, bone marrow, tissues, and organs that work in unison to fight against all the odds. It is imperative to boost the immune system for […]

Lifestyle August 2, 2020 BY admin

How The Happiest Couples Resolve Conflicts? Secret Is Out

Relationship conflicts are an inevitable part of everyone’s life. But how do you handle conflict defines the major portion of our personality. If you love someone, you can’t intentionally hurt them, even if you are having a fight.  We all have couple-goals. Ideal couples are not angels, they are humans like us. Just they keep […]

Lifestyle July 20, 2020 BY admin

11 Kitchen Ingredients That Can Transform Your Skin and Hair In One Use

The world is focusing on becoming organic and natural. Also, we all know the hazards of chemicals used in all skincare and beauty products, so why are we spending money on danger when we can make the most out of our kitchen ingredients for skin and hair care. Your beauty doesn’t demand expensive products, it […]

Lifestyle July 5, 2020 BY admin

“I don’t want to do anything” – Is this the Sign of Depression?

“I don’t want to do anything” everyone must have gone through with this feeling and many are going through. But have you ever asked yourself why I am feeling this? Losing the energy and drive to do anything is one of the worst things. This will stop you from enjoying life even if you are […]

Lifestyle June 25, 2020 BY admin

Fight Back Depression: Practice Love Empathy and Care

Due to the Corona outbreak, mankind is facing the toughest time of its history. The economy is shattered, people are home quarantined and fighting to survive on a personal and professional level. Hence, Mental health and depression have become a major concern. Talking about stats, it is worth noticing that the WHO has revealed that […]

Lifestyle June 25, 2020 BY admin

Top 10 Vegan Nail Polishes to Maintain Beauty with Generosity

Veganism is trending like never before. This is the coolest trend as people have now started considering the importance of the lives of animals. Not just eating vegetarian foods, but masses have also now switched their preferences to vegan products. Cruelty-free cosmetics and personal care products are being purchased on a huge scale, thus many […]

Lifestyle June 2, 2020 BY admin

Beauty kills: Do Chemicals Used in Cosmetics Cause Diseases?

Cosmetics are our daily essentials, but how often we dig deep into the list of ingredients mentioned over your favorite shampoo bottle or lotion. There is an array of multi-syllabic ingredients which are actually chemicals in cosmetics products. We usually console ourselves by covering them with fake curtains of safety. But, indeed they are very […]

Lifestyle May 30, 2020 BY admin

Working Out but Gaining Weight – Unveil the Top 5 Why’s

Losing weight is one of the toughest things to do and requires lots of hard work, patience, determination, and a good diet.  Obesity is a major concern for humans. Every second person in the world is affected by obesity. As per WHO obesity defined as; Obesity is defined as irregular or unnecessary fat accumulation that […]

Lifestyle May 29, 2020 BY admin

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