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How to Download Facebook Videos On Any Device

Facebook is an online networking platform whose sole purpose is to ensure connectivity among people. There are many advanced features that are embedded into the Facebook app including watching videos, hosting watch parties, etc. But, “can you download a video from Facebook?” A question that can normally come when talking about videos on Facebook. The answer […]

Facebook August 2, 2020 BY admin

Know the Difference Between Facebook and Facebook Lite

Facebook and Facebook Lite are two different applications belonging to the same parent company. Although, they aren’t the same at all. They have numerous distinguishing features that named them so. After reading the blog, one may understand the Facebook vs Facebook Lite term more precisely and the difference between Facebook and Facebook Lite. Let’s get started.  What […]

Facebook July 28, 2020 BY admin

How to Make Your Facebook Private

Facebook is one of the fastest-growing platforms in terms of connecting people from all over the globe. You can do enormous things with your Facebook such as making new friends or following the old ones, talking to them flawlessly via messaging feature of Facebook, and only with just one click.  But now, Facebook is increasing […]

Facebook July 27, 2020 BY admin

Best Troubleshooting Guide on “Facebook is Not Working” Issue

“Facebook is not working” and  “Facebook is loading”, such issues are very common nowadays. But fixing them is a duck-soup if you know the right things to do.  When Facebook is not working for you, there are few simple tips that might help you fix the issue “Facebook is not working” on the mobile or […]

Facebook July 18, 2020 BY admin

How To Recover Disabled Facebook Account In 2020

A disabled Facebook account means that account has officially removed from the public view. In this case, all your information, such as tags, posts, etc. concerned with your respective Facebook ID remains safe and saved on Facebook servers. Hence, you need to recover the disabled Facebook account immediately, because when the FB account get disabled, […]

Facebook July 18, 2020 BY admin

Confused Between Delete or Deactivate the Facebook Account – Here’s The Complete Guide

 A social networking service launched in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg is recognized as a blessing worldwide. Over the years Facebook has slipped in our lives in a way that it has become more of a necessity than a privilege for humans. Once you start scrolling the feed forget about the next 2-3 hours of your […]

Facebook July 18, 2020 BY admin

Top 5 Facebook Messenger App Tips and Tricks You Probably Don’t Know

Facebook has grabbed the attention of the audiences in a remarkable amount. It has emerged as one of the highest downloadable applications in the market. Due to the overwhelming response that Facebook was getting, it has coined a free-standing application, Facebook messenger app.  Top 5 Facebook Messenger App Tips You Hardly know  1. Names Assigning […]

Facebook July 12, 2020 BY admin

How to Restore and Save Tabs in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the personal favorite of many and there are many reasons for it. The best thing about this browser is you can keep a track of all tabs you have closed and open or save them in a few clicks.  So, if you are worried about the accidentally closed tabs, here are the […]

Facebook July 10, 2020 BY admin

Effective Guide – How to Use Facebook Ads Manager in 8 Steps

Mark Zuckerberg, 36 years old, young, and innovative mind bought the revolution in the era of social media by introducing a unanimous platform called Facebook in February 2004. It is quite popular now among all age groups. Facebook has successfully drawn the attention of many small and big size businesses, especially after introducing Facebook ads […]

Facebook July 6, 2020 BY admin

Use Facebook Audience Insights Tool To Escalate Business Growth 2020

Brand promotion on Facebook can give an immediate boost to your business. It provides the opportunity of connecting with a large number of people at once and promotes your brand, business, or product through campaigns. Though, there is a whole world to connect with, finding the right audience on Facebook still is a struggle. You […]

Facebook May 15, 2020 BY admin

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