“Facebook is not working” and  “Facebook is loading”, such issues are very common nowadays. But fixing them is a duck-soup if you know the right things to do. 

When Facebook is not working for you, there are few simple tips that might help you fix the issue “Facebook is not working” on the mobile or browser: 

Facebook is Not Working Issue – Here are the Workarounds

When using Facebook App (Android or iPhone)

  1. Update the Facebook app
Update Facebook in app - the Solution Nation

The outdated Facebook app may not work in an expected manner. Therefore, make sure you update the Fb app to its latest release. Just go to Google Play Store or App Store and search for the FB app and then update the app to the latest version. This will fix many bugs, and provide you with the security updates. The older version is likely to cease the functioning of the Facebook app.

  1. Check For Storage
check storage to resolve Fb not working issue

While using the Facebook app on android or Mac, it is very crucial to have enough space to run the app. So, first, check how much the app requires to function and then go to the Settings of your mobile and check the available storage. If it shows available storage less than 100 MB, you need to clear some space. For this, you can remove unwanted apps, photos, and videos to make space for the Facebook app. It is also important to have enough space to run Facebook updates.

  1. Check if Google Play Store for the issue
play store issue

There are chances that the problem lies within the Google Play Store and not Facebook. So, to fix the issue with Google Play Store, check for internet or Wi-Fi connection, clear cache, and cookies from the device, and then Restart your device. To know more, go to:

  1. Log-out and Log-in to Facebook:

This is the simplest trick but is very effective to fix several issues. So, first, log-out from the Facebook app and then Restart your device. Again try to log-in to Facebook and check if the problem is gone.

  1. Uninstall and Re-install:

If none of the above-said methods work, remove the app from your device, clear cache & cookies, and restart your device. And, then try to install the Facebook app again. This will fix most of the problems with Facebook. To download Facebook, you can get the Facebook APK file from this link:


  1. Set the Automatic Updates for Facebook 

This is a superb hack because this will help you keep many Facebook related issues at the bay. If you set automatic updates for Facebook, you need not worry about the version of FB you are using as it will automatically be updated to the latest release. For this, go to Google Play Store app and search for Facebook. Now, click on the three-dots icon or the ellipsis from the top-right corner and select the auto-update option.

  1. Fix if notifications aren’t working
Facebook notification is not working

Notification keeps you updated about the affairs taking place on Facebook. So, the non-functional FB notifications can be really bothersome. The notifications are part of your device as well as Facebook, so enable the Facebook notifications on your device by going to Settings > Applications > Facebook > Notifications. This will allow FB to post notifications on your device. 

Whereas to turn-on notifications on Facebook, go to Settings>>Settings and privacy>>Notification Settings. From here, you can turn on the notifications for Facebook. 

While Using Facebook on the Browser:

  1. Update the Browser:

Like FB app the browser should also be up to date to proceed with Facebook. So, if Facebook is not loading or not working on a browser, this is the foremost corrective measure that you must try. 

  1. Clean your Browser:

Delete all cookies and caches from your browser, if Facebook is not working or not loading. This will clear all the junk out of your browser and enhance the response of Facebook on your respective browser

  1. Switch the Browser:

You have a handful of options when it comes to browsers, you try a different browser if Facebook is not working on one. Try to load Facebook on another browser and check if it works properly.

  1. Disable Security Software :

The security software on your device can hinder the use of Facebook. It may create issues while you are trying to open and don’t let you work with Facebook. This is not the deal with every security program, but many of those do this. So, check the settings of your security software, you can even consider disabling it on a temporary basis and then try to login to Facebook

  1. Disable VPN on Your Device:

Active VPN can cause issues while you are working on Facebook. It is possible that Facebook may not load when the VPN is “on”, due to security reasons. So, turn off your VPN and try to log-in again on Facebook.