Grammarly is the most popular tool to check grammar and spelling. It also offers suggestions for words, grammar, sentences, and syntax. But, it is quite an overrated tool as it has some flaws too. So, we need the best alternatives to Grammarly so that we can write like a pro. 

In addition, here we will now talk about the features of Grammarly and some of the downsides to compare the alternatives and pick the most suitable one. 

Features of Grammarly

  • It works perfectly with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.
  • A very intuitive dashboard that makes editing and proofreading much easier
  • It uses Artificial Intelligence to find and fix mistakes.
  • This tool is compatible with all browsers namely Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and also with their extensions.
  • It consists of distinctive features such as multiple device document access, vocabulary enhancement, performance stats, and also a personal dictionary.

What is The Need for Grammarly Alternatives?

  • The free version of Grammarly includes very limited features i.e. correcting spelling and grammar in your writing.
  • It might not work for every app that you use.
  • Moreover, it continuously encourages you to upgrade to the premium version, no matter what your requirements are.
  • It can’t totally replace human proofreaders as Grammarly has no readability score. 
  • Paying $29 for a month is a big deal for many of us.
  • It sometimes shows false errors, even if there is none.

Now, we need Grammarly alternatives that are obviously better than it. So, here we have a complete list of tools that can replace Grammarly in your tool kit.

List of Best Grammarly Alternatives

1. ProWriting Aid

ProWriting Aid is a very smart tool for in-depth editing, Plagiarism checking, Grammar checking, and Style Editing. It will improve your writing skills as it gives you great training in writing and editing. 

This tool is compatible with Google Docs and many other platforms to serve you the best. However, it is mainly used by famous Fiction & Non-fiction Authors, Students, bloggers, content writers, and Business writers.


  • It offers a comprehensive report that covers more than 20 aspects of writing and editing.
  • It can be integrated with Microsoft suite, Apache Open Office, Google Chrome & Docs, Scrivener, etc.
  • This tool also suggests synonyms and gives you different wording options.
  • It includes “Word Explorer” to choose the correct for enhancing the text. Furthermore, a detailed explanation of words from different dictionaries is added for a quick overview.
  • It checks and finds repeated words, context-sensitive style suggestions, and visualizes sentence lengths and variations.


  • The extension can only be used with Chrome but not with Safari, Firefox, or iOS.
  • There is no monthly plan available.


  • ProWritingAid Free: Free of cost
  • Premium: $60 per year.
  • ProWritingAid Premium+ : $70 per year.

2. AutoCrit

Autocrit is the next Grammarly alternative that is perfect to correct the spelling and grammar mistakes. It is loaded with a fully-featured editing suite and comprehensive word processor.


  • A well-defined word processor along with editing tool
  • There is no limit on writing or editing
  • Free checking for grammar and spellings
  • There are multiple choices for editing tools available such as Adverbs, Repetition, and Readability.
  • The tool follows a very detailed approach when it comes to editing so that you can meet the publishing standard of the writing world.
  • You can securely store your manuscript for online access


  • It changes the formatting of files
  • The grammar checker is not very top-notch
  • No mobile app is available 


The basic plan: Free

Professional plan: $30 per month

Elite plan: $80 per month

3. WhiteSmoke 

WhiteSmoke masters the art of editing and proofreading. From finding mistakes to suggesting better versions of words, this tool offers everything under one roof. So, it consists of both Natural Language Processing with AI (Artificial Intelligence) along with several algorithms to check text, find errors, and offer the right suggestions.


  • After finding the error it offers detailed information of the error
  • The latest version consists of enhanced layout, better user-experience, and several content-related updates
  • It works with Natural Language Processing Technology and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Checks grammar, spelling, style, punctuation, and offer translation for a flawless piece of writing.


  1. Customer service is not up to the mark.
  2. No free plan


  • Chrome Extension: $4.16 per month
  • Essential Plan: $5 per month
  • Premium Plan: $6.66 per month
  • Business Plan: $11.50 per month

4. Ginger 

Ginger is software from Israel that acts as a fine alternative to Grammarly. It follows Natural Language Processing. Moreover, it helps you enhance writing as well as polish English communication skills, and improves productivity in writing. It includes several tools to check grammar and punctuation. This software is compatible with Mobile, Desktop, and Web platforms.


  • Available as an application for mobile desktop and web app
  • Ginger gives you the ability to write unique text with the Sentence Rephraser tool.
  • It includes Emoji to express yourself better, word prediction for better speed, and productivity. 
  • It provides customized themes for your keyboard
  • The dictionary is loaded with new words.
  • There are a translator and Personal trainer to improve your English skills
  • It is compatible with browsers like Windows, Chrome, Safari, iOS, Mac, and Android keyboard as well.
  • There are very strict grammar rules for accurate writing and flawless proofreading with one click.


  • It doesn’t work with Google Docs.


  • Free plan
  • Monthly Plan: $20.97 per month
  • Annual Plan: $7.49 per month
  • Two Years Plan: $6.66 per month

5. PaperRater

PaperRater is a web platform to improve your written text and remove all grammar and spelling mistakes. It is mainly designed for students to check their papers. However, this tool gives a very accurate overview of grammar mistakes and helps you find cheeky mistakes. The proofreading mechanism of this tool improves writing. It takes 5-15 seconds to check the whole paper using Artificial Intelligence and Data Science


  • The AI thoroughly checks the mistakes and give you error-free content
  • It checks the plagiarism and provides you the amount of original content.
  • The Vocabulary builder gives you various choices for words, definitions, sentences, and examples.
  • It also gives you a rough score for your writing
  • Additionally, it includes spelling checker, Feedbacks, Writing guides, and automated proofreader.


  • Low word count limit
  • No mobile app


Free plan

Premium plan:  $14.95 per month.