Avast is a famous antivirus program designed to defend computer devices from online threats malware, spyware, ransomware, and so on. Avast Software, a multinational cybersecurity organization, is responsible for developing the Avast antivirus. This is a perfect program and compatible with Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS operating systems. 

The 435 million monthly active users are enough to define the popularity of this antivirus. Avast offers nifty features that include browser protection, secure two-way Firewall, webcam protection, secure password vault, and the list goes on. It is a top-notch security program for sure, but even with all these incredible features and facts, users still face issues like Avast won’t open or Avast won’t open windows 10. These shortcomings might affect the user experience, so here we bring the out and out solutions for users who get trouble with Avast antivirus.  

Avast Not Opening – Why?

There might be several issues that trigger Avast not opening or Avast not responding issue, but mostly it occurs due to broken installation and when antivirus services failed to work properly. Pay a glance at the briefs for the causes that might cause the issue. 

Broken Avast installation – Avast installation may have gone corrupt because of plenty of wrongdoings, but, this security giant has provided numerous solutions to fix the glitch. However, sometimes antivirus main services are the main culprit of the issues hence, you can check if the Avast antivirus services are working properly or not. 

Fix Avast Won’t Open Windows 10

Repair Avast

If Avast is not responding, there might be fair chances that something goes wrong with the installation. Hence, to cope up with this issue, simply visit your control panel and try to repair the Avast antivirus program. However, you need to make some changes to the setting to work the software smoothly on your device. Follow the underneath steps to adjust the settings. 

  • At first, ensure that you are logged in with the administrator account as it is compulsory to make changes
  • Now click on the Start and open the Control Panel, also you can click on the icon to open the settings directly into Windows 10. 
  • From Control Panel, search for the Program and Features and click on it
  • Find the Avast in the list of software installed on your device and right-click on it
  • Now the uninstallation box will open along with options like Update, Repair, Modify and Uninstall. Select the Repair option and click on Next to fix the program. 
  • In the next steps, you will receive a request from Windows, click on Yes and go ahead. 
  • Wait for finishing the uninstallation process and then restart your computer and see Avast is working fine. 

Restart the Avast Antivirus Service

It might be Avast antivirus services that are causing the issue and hindering the ability to perform smoothly on Windows 10. However, services can be simply restated, and underneath methods will allow everyone to perform with ease. All you need to do is follow the steps carefully. 

  • Primarily, open the service Run toolbox by pressing Windows key + R altogether from your keyboard and type the “service.msc” and hit the Ok button. 
  • Alternatively, open the command box then open the Control panel from the start menu. Next, find the “Administrative Tools” click on it and you will be moved to the Windows folder. Now search for the “Services” and click on it. 
  • Now find the Avast antivirus from the list of services
  • Right-click on it and pick the Properties from the menu. 
  • In case, services are started, you need to stop it by clicking on the Stop button and then leave it to proceed. 
  • Now ensure that the option under the Startup menu from the services properties sets on the Automatic. Set it to the Automatic before processing further and confirm any request appears on the screen. Now click on the Start button before leaving the window.

Install Properly 

If the above methods failed to remove Avast not the loading issue, performing the clean install is the last arrow from the bow. A clean install is quite easy to perform and it can be guaranteed to fix the “Avast will not open” issue, because after uninstalling the software remove all the cache files and registry entries that might be creating the issue. Pay a glance at underneath steps to uninstall and clean installation of Avast antivirus. 

  • First, download the updated version of Avast antivirus from the link. Also, download the Avast uninstall utility from the link.
  • Next, detach the internet and start the device in safe mode using Windows + R key
  • Now type the “MSConfig” and click on OK
  • From the System Configuration window, browse the boot tab and click Ok and reboot the device. 
  • Now start the Avast uninstall utility and open the folder where you save the Avast file. Choose the right folder carefully as the content of the folder might get corrupt or deleted. 
  • Now click the Remove option and reboot your device normally. 

Hopefully, these solutions will remove the “Avast won’t open” issue and you will be able to use the security program on your device smoothly.