Workona is a lately introduced blessing, it is a tab manager meant to organize the multiple tabs at once. It allows you to save all the open tabs, collaborate with your team members, and switch across your tabs, and sync your tasks on different devices. It is the talk of the town, but how much do you know about this? Have you ever tried this? Well, here we are giving you an insightful overview of the Workona tab manager, session manager, or bookmark manager, whatever you want to call this versatile tool. 

Workona is a remarkable effort made to assist internet users who need to manage numerous tabs at a time. We all know the pain of maintaining the work-speed while switching between tabs, but now you can take a sigh of relief as Workona will save all the opened tabs and make it easy for you to open the desired one. Earlier, we used to rely upon the bookmarking feature of Chrome to handle the tabs for us, but is not efficient and updated to deal with the current scenario where everyone is working from home and needs smart ways to handle the work pressure. It allows you to manage all the currently active tabs, save the tabs for later, close tabs, and automatically open the frequently visited pages. 

How to get started with Workona?

Now, we also want to experience the excellence of Workonna, get it right away. You can download and install the browser extension of Workona, for this go to the, sign-up with your Google account, click on “Add to Chrome” and then set-up the extension.

Once the browser extension is installed on your, personalize it from the log-in Window. Then,  you can open and use it to manage your tabs.

How to Use Workona Tab Manager?

Open Workona

Click on the Working icon to open the extension. And then click on the three vertical dots and select “Open Workona”.

Do this every time you start working and with the time you will get used to it. 

Create a Workspace

Now, to design a new workspace, click the “+” button from the sidebar and select the related option named as “New Workspace”. Then, name the workspace to make it easy to find. 


Add resources

Once you are done crafting a workspace for your use, you can add as many as the resources you want. For this, click + button available new to your workspace name and add all the resources you want. 

Open and close Workspace

When you need a previously designed workspace, you can enter the name in the sidebar. Likewise, you can click the X button to close a workspace. 

Manage Tabs

Every workspace includes several tabs. You can open all tabs from the top-right corner from the sidebar to show all the tabs you opened before. You can further move, send, and save tabs. 

Try Apps

The tabs that you open and use on a regular basis, can be found in the Workona workspace. Just click on apps from the list available on the left side of the screen. Use the apps by clicking on the “Create” or “new” option and explore them freely.