Month: August 2020

5 Best Grammarly Alternatives for Flawless Writing

Grammarly is the most popular tool to check grammar and spelling. It also offers suggestions for words, grammar, sentences, and syntax. But, it is quite an overrated tool as it has some flaws too. So, we need the best alternatives to Grammarly so that we can write like a pro.  In addition, here we will […]

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Best Foods and Drinks to Boost Immunity- Health With Taste

The spread of Novel Coronavirus has awakened the sense of self-care, hygiene, and charity among the people living in every corner of the world. No vaccine has been found yet to treat this virus and thus prevention is the only way to fight against this deadly virus. So, to prevent this infection, the first and […]

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How to Download Facebook Videos On Any Device

Facebook is an online networking platform whose sole purpose is to ensure connectivity among people. There are many advanced features that are embedded into the Facebook app including watching videos, hosting watch parties, etc. But, “can you download a video from Facebook?” A question that can normally come when talking about videos on Facebook. The answer […]

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How to Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working on iPhone?

If you are the one who is troubled due to Yahoo mail not working on the iPhone issue, you are at the right place to solve your problem. The most common questions that one can have while operating Yahoo mail, are:  Not able to read or open emails.  Messages are stuck while opening.  Yahoo email […]

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Natural Ways to Boost Your Body’s Immunity A.k.a Natural Defenses

The task of the immune system is to fight off bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens to protect the human body. The system is complex and involves cells in your skin, blood, bone marrow, tissues, and organs that work in unison to fight against all the odds. It is imperative to boost the immune system for […]

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