Month: May 2020

Beauty kills: Do Chemicals Used in Cosmetics Cause Diseases?

Cosmetics are our daily essentials, but how often we dig deep into the list of ingredients mentioned over your favorite shampoo bottle or lotion. There is an array of multi-syllabic ingredients which are actually chemicals in cosmetics products. We usually console ourselves by covering them with fake curtains of safety. But, indeed they are very […]

Lifestyle May 30, 2020 BY admin 1114

Working Out but Gaining Weight – Unveil the Top 5 Why’s

Losing weight is one of the toughest things to do and requires lots of hard work, patience, determination, and a good diet.  Obesity is a major concern for humans. Every second person in the world is affected by obesity. As per WHO obesity defined as; Obesity is defined as irregular or unnecessary fat accumulation that […]

Lifestyle May 29, 2020 BY admin 1114

How Virtual Reality Is Impacting Businesses? Know all the Ways

Virtual Reality is catching a lot of attention nowadays. With all the developments and improvements, it is now ready to cater to the real-world, especially the businesses in the COVID-19. From Google,  HTC, to Samsung, many technical giants have incorporated VR in their daily routine and have reported positive impacts. Not only one or two, […]

How-to May 26, 2020 BY admin 1114

Virtual Reality – The Saviour of Businesses in COVID-19

Right now, the whole world is battling against COVID-19 and it has changed the life of every living organism. Every business across the world is facing its downtime due to quarantine and recession. Everyone wants to get rid of this pandemic as more than 50% of small businesses are closed or going to be closed […]

Internet May 16, 2020 BY admin 1114

Use Facebook Audience Insights Tool To Escalate Business Growth 2020

Brand promotion on Facebook can give an immediate boost to your business. It provides the opportunity of connecting with a large number of people at once and promotes your brand, business, or product through campaigns. Though, there is a whole world to connect with, finding the right audience on Facebook still is a struggle. You […]

Facebook May 15, 2020 BY admin 1114

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